Making and Installing a New Scrap

Step 1: Tear a piece of tissue paper (acid-free paper is supplied) so that it roughly fits into a 5" x 5" area.  Make random and relaxed tears.

Step 2: Trim the scrap until you are pleased with the shape.

Step 3: Place the hole punching guide over the scrap and punch all 6 holes with supplied push-pin.

A freshly punched scrap with its 6 holes.  The lines indicate the positions of the connecting clip components.  Two holes capture the center body clip (marked A and B on the template and with blue on the photo).  The four outer holes (marked C and D on the template and in red on the image) capture the two outer wing clips.

The Body Clip has a flexible center wire with a small leg bent 90 degrees down.

Step 4: Fold the scrap back just behind Hole A.  Do not crease the paper- just fold back so that the bottom of Hole A is exposed.

Step 5: Begin the installation by feeding the bent leg of the center body clip down through Hole A.  Unfold and slide the paper forward along the wire until Hole A is positioned at the forward bend of the body clip.  Note:  It is necessary to hold the flexible center wire up while doing this.  Otherwise, the bent leg will catch on the paper prematurely.

Step 6: Set the bent leg down through Hole B.  Be sure that it is positioned between the two outer wires of the body clip below.  If it is not, lift up on the paper to expose the body clip and position accordingly.

Step 7: Engage the wing clips by feeding them up through Holes C and down through Holes D.  Though the wires are quite flexible,  Please take care to not bend the wire close to its origin point.  This might change its 'resting position'.  At rest, these wing wires should closely align with the position of the punched holes.

Step 8: Crunch the paper gently and/or make small final modifications to its shape by tearing.  It's best if the scraps do not touch each other when the machine is running.  New scraps may be installed at any time.

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